GEG - Gentile Entertainment Group -
Is the  creative entity headed by John and Anthony Gentile who have produced, written and directed more than 150 hours of award-winning family and primetime entertainment for television based upon the brands they created under the banner of Abrams Gentile Entertainment. They produced the AMC documentary NEW YORK AT THE MOVIES hosted by Meryl Streep and produced the advertising and marketing campaigns for over 200 movies, television and Broadway productions ranging from STAR WARS to DREAMGIRLS.   Additionally, the related merchandise, designed and developed by the Gentiles, has generated over one billion dollars in retail sales.


John Orena -
Is the first-born son of Victor "Little Vic" ORENA, the infamous and notorious mob boss, who controlled one of the largest and most powerful crime families in America.  John became a soldier in the Colombo crime family. However, after serving a five-year stint in federal prison, he walked out a free man with his dignity and honor intact; it was the first step toward a life outside the ‘family’.   A walking library of  the characters and stories within the Columbo family, John survived one of the bloodiest mob wars in gangland history and is one of the ‘godfathers’  of Jailbird Productions, inc.

Andrew Orena –
Is the third-born son of Victor "Little Vic" Orena, the Colombo crime family boss. After his father and brothers were indicted, Andrew became an integral part of the legal team that exposed the largest case of corruption in the history of law enforcement.  Andrew is co-creator of Jailbird’s maiden production, THE ORENA FACTION, and a partner in Jailbird Productions, Inc.  He is also the screenwriter for AMELIA...ARE YOU CRAZY, which is currently in development for the company.

Thomas Gallagher -
Is one of the leading statesmen of professional boxing and star of the NBC reality show, THE CONTENDER. Considered one of the foremost trainers in boxing today, Tommy has honed the skills of  world champions and numerous top-ranked contenders in a career spanning more than forty-five years. Tommy pioneered the highly successful Sugar Ray Leonard/Donny Lalonde Pay-Per-View event at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, which set the standard for future PPV fights everywhere.