The crime genre continues to be a staple of the entertainment industry.

From PUBLIC ENEMY #1 to THE GODFATHER and the SOPRANOS, crime sagas continue to captivate the public and generate substantial revenue and returns.

The stories may center on true crimes, but the heart of each project is about the men, women and families involved. The foundation of every Jailbird project depicts how “real” people caught between family and honor grapple with moral codes and the full house of emotions that go with it. 

The familiar themes of criminal violence, betrayal, loss and the corruption of the American dream are the foundation of each and every Jailbird property.

These are not just true crime dramas about the mob.  The stories delve the depth of our government as well and the imprint of those involved on both sides of the law. The complex theme and philosophical underpinnings of the men and women involved in these true-to-life stories will create the A+ entertainment vehicle that not only will attract A+ talent to the projects but attract an avid and loyal audience as well.